Void Bastards Sequel Is A Wild Western Shooter Launching this Fall

A Void Bastards Sequel called Wild Bastards is coming to PC and Console this September.

Grab Your guns and holster that excitement for just a few more months. Maximum Entertainment has announced that players can soon saddle up and shoot down some varmints on 12 September 2024. The spiritual successor to the award-winning Void Bastards will arrive across PC, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation platforms with plenty of blistering FPS action, bright cartoon creations, and a thumping soundtrack.

Coming from the team behind Void Bastards and Card Hunter, this new adventure posts players across the galaxy, planet hopping and taking aim at your opposition. You’ll recruit, manage and gun sling with a total of 13 merc and outlaw along the way, each of these ruffians brining their own take on percussive negotiation to the screen. When you’re done managing interpersonal relationships and tweaking character perks, delve into bite sized shootouts and chaotic encounters all fuelled by neon justice.

Anybody looking to leap in as soon as possible, or try out this series before putting money down, can try out the Wild Bastards demo right now. The first full demo is fully locked and loaded on the Steam Store page right now. Wishlists are open for PC players, while Xbox and PlayStation stores already have a 15% pre-order discount for anybody already convinced to put their money down. For the rest of us, check out more about this Void Bastards Sequel over on the official website now.

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