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Gamespace Game of the Year

It’s finally time for our Gamespace Game of the Year awards and we are putting this one out to a vote for 2020.

Between now and the 24 December, Gamespace is running a Game of the Year poll and you get to decide which game should sit atop the trash pile that is 2020. Not only do you get a say this time around but you can also win a game of the year just by taking part.

How it works

This year we’re running our Game Of The Year vote based on the title’s we’ve had a chance to review. Every game that managed to score a minimum of a 9 out of 10 on our review list is listed below and all you have to do is head down to the list below and chose the best of this bunch. You’ll get a single shot so pick wisely, and we will announce the winner on 21 December 2020.

In It To Win It

Alongside the list of potential top tier games for the year, we will also be giving away your game of the year. One of our readers will get the chance to grab a copy of any of the games from the list below on their respective formats and local region. To do this, we’re asking you to submit your email address. This is only going to stay with us long enough to get in contact with you and send a prize to the winner, then we’re deleting that save file. You can vote in the form below.

The Big Scores

In order to refresh your memory, we’ve rounded up a few of the biggest scoring games up for grabs below, starting with an unexpected suspect.

  • Mythic Ocean


Coming out of a three-person team at indie studio Paralune, Mythic Ocean bagged a full 10 score from our review and is a deep narrative-driven story in a world that you might surprise you. Mythic Ocean plunges players into a vast, cosmic abyss, before stepping into the light and waking up in a new, underwater world. From here, things take an unusual turn, as the gorgeous painted world unfolds, asking players to guide the gods of this submerged adventure. To check out the full review, head over to Emily’s review to find out why it got a total of 10.

  • Animal Crossing New Horizon


Largely acknowledged as one of the biggest games of the year, Animal Crossing, like Mythic Ocean, makes seemingly cute aesthetic choices while weaving in gameplay ideas that draw the player into this brand new world. Instead of designing a narrative-driven adventure, Animal Crossing dropped an open world life builder onto the Nintendo Switch that got us all slightly addicted to this cute escape from the troubles of 2020. if you haven’t dipped into Animal Crossing then check out our review and plan your own Island adventure.

  • Doom Eternal


DOOM Eternal

After blowing us all away with the 2016 DOOM remake, this return to Earth feels oddly appropriate at the end of 2020. The demon hellspawn are now spiling out across our home and there is only one warrior that they fear. S the follow up to a near perfect mix of acrobatic bloodshed, DOOM Eternal takes the best parts of 2016 and somehow finds a way to improve on them, according to the venerable Matt Keith.

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake


A short but sweet nostalgic remake of a classic Final Fantasy title landed during 2020 that surprised and impressed us. With so much hype in place, it was always going to be difficult for the team at Square Enix to meet the high bar set simply by expectation. Originally released in 1997, Final Fantasy VII featured a story, villains, and protagonists that stuck with a generation of console and PC gamers. While the remake does tip a hat to the original’s legacy, the choice to evolve on many of the 1997 classic’s ideas seems to have paid off in spades. You can check out our celebratory review before you make your final vote.

  • Paradise Killer


Paradise Killer Judge



A game many of you might not have played but a title that definitely deserves to be on our Game of the Year nominations, Paradise Killer is an unusual open-world mystery title that is more than a little off the wall. The bright aesthetic is just as striking as the narrative, plunging you into a world that exists outside of time and space. Ancient gods, a mysterious council of elders, sacrifices, and an utterly bizarre lore make this first person interrogation one of the freshest takes on modern gaming that we’ve seen all year. Don’t let a fixation on superhero hijinks keep you from trying out one of this year’s most original ideas.

Cyberpunk 2077… Um yeah no we didn’t get a review code so that one won’t make the cut quite yet. We’re working towards bringing our thoughts to you but we won’t be able to score it until after this is live.


Voting Time


Get voting below and we will announce the winner on the 24 December.


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