Waiting for The Witcher Season 2: Console Game Review

The Witcher

The Witcher 2 has become one of the most anticipated TV series of 2021. Filming for season 2 ended in April, and Netflix representatives announced the release of new episodes at the end of 2021. The project became wildly popular after the debut episodes in December 2019. Therefore, millions of fans are waiting for the continuation of the story of Geralt of Rivia and Ciri. Getting ready for the upcoming season, they have read the original books by Andrzej Sapkowski at least twice and switched to the console game “The Witcher: Wild Hunt” presented by CD Projekt RED in 2015, and its subsequent extensions. If you have not tried them yet, read the below review.

The Witcher: Wild Hunt Review

Once upon a time, there was a cataclysm of a universal scale, called the Conjugation of the Spheres, after which various monsters and magical beasts appeared in the human world. Life for ordinary people has become much more dangerous. Therefore, a special caste of warriors emerged, able to cope with most of the supernatural troubles. In other words, witchers are mutants with an accelerated metabolism and improved skills.

We are transferred into the open world, where we can explore a part of the Northern Kingdoms – the lands along the Pontar River (part of the occupied Temeria and Redania) and the Skellige archipelago. Geralt lives in the land of miracles – you won’t be able to recall all these demons and beasts immediately. There are numerous quests, royal battles, and gambling tournaments, similar by the level of excitement to the online roulette Canada. Meanwhile, powerful kings are waging wars for territory, the conspirators are making their plans, and the Vikings are choosing a new king – in a word, there are also enough internal intrigues.

Everything Geralt Does Reveals the Plot

Best of all, Geralt shows his skills in quests. The main and side plots of the game are closely intertwined, and whatever you do, everything seems important. Geralt is looking for Cyri, gradually restoring the picture of what happened from other people’s stories. The search for a girl leads him to different places and makes him make difficult decisions. On his way, he will meet witches, take part in combating criminal gangs, participates in magical rituals, etc. The mainline sometimes branches, but almost always Geralt has several options for what to do.

The Witcher 1

Cool Extensions

CD Projekt RED has created such a monumental role-playing game that it is difficult to imagine how it could be improved. Two large extensions allow you to join the exciting stories and explore new worlds and characters. Hearts of Stone, the first of two major DLCs, add a separate storyline, which will take about ten hours to complete. The second expansion pack, – Blood and Wine, – is a final accord of the story. A lot of dialogues and scenes depend on the events of the main plot. But even without this, the extension serves as an excellent epilogue to “Wild Hunt” and draws a line under the entire Witcher saga.

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