Waking Drifts onto PC and Consoles This Summer


I cannot ever remember my dreams. My subconscious and I don’t communicate much. I guess that is going to change when Waking comes to Steam and Xbox One this summer.

Waking is a brand new indie adventure, developed by a one mand studio and a group of on and off collaborators throughout 2015 – 109. Published by tonyBuild, it is an interesting exploration of subconscious emotion and the world of dreams. Players that dive into Waking will enter a gorgeous aetherial world. Stuck on a coma, The end goal is to return to the land of the living rather than succumbing to the darkness that creeps around the edges. Players will enter an adventure where they can revisit their most treasured memories and confront their fears. Gamers will even meet the people they most love and fight the demons within them.

It’s not the first time that video games have dealt with the human psyche. Games like Senua’s Sacrifice have already taken a trudge through the complex mess of emotions that make up the human brain. Just like the aforementioned title, Waking ties this exploration of emotion to action-oriented gameplay. The dreaming will take on a unique mix of souls like gameplay challenge in a vast and changing world. The procedural generation used to build each encounter is certainly going to make for an interesting approach for something as complex as human emotion. You can check out what all this means in the announcement trailer below.

If this unusual twist has your interest, you can check out more information on Waking on the Steam Store Page and the official website now.

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