Waking Flame DLC Available on The Elder Scrolls Online PTS

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online players who love to check out new content before it’s available to the great unwashed masses will definitely want to look into the most recent update to the Public Test Server (PTS). As of this week, TESO’s next DLC, Waking Flame, is now available for testing on the PTS and includes two challenging four-player PvE dungeons. The Waking Flame DLC is expected to be released for PC players on August 23rd and on August 31st for console and Stadia players.

The two dungeons coming to the MMORPG are:

  • The Dread Cellar – Formerly a clandestine prison for the Empire’s most dangerous foes, discontents, and radicals, the Dread Cellar has begun radiating mysterious magical energies, prompting the investigation by the Imperial Legion’s Battlemages.  In this new dungeon, you must team up with Lucilla Caprenia, a Battlemage in training, and her master Martus Tullius to investigate this once-feared prison and uncover the origins of the Daedric cultists and monsters that now inhabit it.
  • Red Petal Bastion – Once, the order of the noble Knights of the Silver Rose dedicated itself to protecting Tamriel from Daedric threat, but recently, the warriors of Red Petal Bastion have begun to pillage nearby temples, stealing away their holy relics.  At the doors to the Red Petal Bastion dungeon, a devotee of Azura needs your help to reclaim his shrine’s stolen artifacts from this once-honorable order and discover the terrible secrets behind their ignoble fall to darkness and subsequent hoarding of Tamriel’s relics.

The same day that the paid DLC arrives, players will also receive the free Update 31 patch that includes bug fixes, QoL updates, and performance improvements. It further includes several new houses, furnishings, and houseguests from the in-game Crown Store.

Check out the DLC preview on The Elder Scrolls Online official site.

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