Waking invites you to explore childhood memories

Waking is a forthcoming game by indie developer Jason Oda. Considered an action-adventure, the game takes players on a journey through their own memories while the protagonist lies in a coma. To escape, players will delve into childhood memories through guided meditation and “Souls-like combat”. Players gather their favorite childhood memories as they meet and interact with people they love in a procedurally generated game world.

Lead Developer Jason Oda wrote, “This makes Waking the most personal game ever made.

While the 20+ hours long game will not be released until later this year, a brand new demo has been published on Steam. Players can work through the first steps in the game to see how its features work together in the dream-like landscape.

According to Steam, at the end of each quest, players will be guided through meditation activities and will be asked to dive into their memories. At the end, a series of choices made will be selected and become part of the game going forward.

“Waking asks you to confront your fears, your desires, your personal demons, and your childhood traumas. By your side are the people you love who you can summon to lead you through the unknown.”

You can learn more and download the demo on the Waking Steam page.

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