Walmart Scores Exclusive Physical Edition of Splatoon 2


Walmart has inked a deal to be the exclusive North American retail partner for a special edition bundle for Splatoon 2. Nintendo announced the details of the physical edition that will arrive in stores on September 8th.

The Walmart edition

The physical edition of Splatoon 2 will feature the Switch with a special carrying case, a code for the game as well as two neon-colored Joy-Con (pink and green). The bundle will run buyers $379.99. Players will be the first in North America to get hands on Joy-Cons in these colors too.


In addition to the special edition news, Nintendo also announced details of the next “Splatfest”. The event is scheduled to take place on September 1-2, 2017. Players will literally have to choose sides in the Turf War event. The choice is between which superpower they’d prefer: Flight or Invisibility. For now, those are the only details we know. However, the company has promised that more is coming soon(tm).


The Splatfest is just one of many new elements in the slate of ongoing content updates and in-game events keeping Splatoon 2 fans engaged, with more and more players jumping into battle every day. There have already been more than 400 million online battles fought across the global player base, and after less than a month on store shelves, Splatoon 2 joins other global million-selling Nintendo Switch hits.

If you’d like to learn more, you can head to the Splatoon 2 site.


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