Want Free Battlefield 1 DLC? Here’s how to get it!

Battlefield 1

There’s a lot of excitement right now about the recently announced Battlefield V (World War II – woo!) but that doesn’t mean EA has forgotten about Battlefield 1 patrons.  The In the Name of the Tsar expansion is now free on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, giving players a new army and six more detailed maps.

You can claim your free prize by downloading it from the PlayStation, Xbox or PC stores by clicking the respective links.

In the Name of the Tsar, which was originally released in September 2017, adds the Russian army, six multiplayer maps, 11 new weapons, and new vehicles like the Putilov Garford armored car, among other things. It normally sells for $15 by itself, so this is a pretty nice deal.

Earlier this month, EA gave away Battlefield 1’s first expansion, They Shall Not Pass, for a limited period of time. The third and fourth expansions are Turning Tides and Apocalypse, so those might go free in the upcoming weeks but nothing is confirmed as of yet.

It’s not just Battlefield 1 that has free DLC available now; EA is also giving away Battlefield 4’s Final Stand expansion so be sure to grab that, too.

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