War Tech Fighters Launches on Steam Early Access

Giant mechas fighting with swords? Count me in!

Green Man Gaming Publishing and Drakkar Dev launch their fast-paced, rapid-fire game War Tech Fighters in Steam Early Access today. The developers describe the project as “love letter to Japanese anime”.

Manlio Greco, Lead Developer at Drakkar Dev said:

It was born of a pure and deep love of giant, violent robots. We created the game that we desperately wanted to play. War Tech Fighters offers fans of the mecha genre the glorious, high-octane space wars they love, but the sheer range of ways to use your War Tech is something they won’t have experienced before.

What can players expect from War Tech Fighters:

The project is a mecha-in-space action game where players lead an assault against the Zatros Empire in their fully customizable War Tech. It is up to the brave pilots to fight for the rebel colonies of Hebos and Ares and reclaim lost homeland.

The game offers multiple game modes as well as all out action, stealth and puzzle sections.

Some of the game’s key features:
  • Deep customization system offering hundreds combinations of mecha parts, weapons and colors
  • Three base robot sets with specific bonuses and over 150 upgradable parts
  • Research new projects to enhance your War Tech
  • Gain experience and level up your pilot
  • Single player missions, Simulator bridge & Survival mode

You can learn more about the game on the official site or its Steam page.

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