Warcraft 3 Being Prepped for Remaster? New Balance Patch May Herald Announcement


It’s possible that Warcraft 3 is next on Blizzard’s list to remaster. The team has announced a new patch to address balance and map rotation so it’s possible it’s an indication of big things to come.

What we know so far about Warcraft 3

Honestly, we don’t know a whole lot about any potential remaster WC3. What we do know is that the new patch and map rotation will be used during this weekend’s ChinaJoy 2017. When the patch will be released worldwide remains to be seen.

The patch addresses several areas including distances, amounts of resources at starting bases, monsters, and dropped items. There are also three new maps being added to “give more variety to what has been a stagnant metagame” for many players, according to PCGamesN.

All of this information has come to us via NetEase, the Chinese distributor of most of Blizzard’s games. If you’re brave enough, you can head over there with Google Translate ready to roll to learn more for yourself. Otherwise, we are likely to learn a lot more after ChinaJoy and seeing the new patch in action.

Let’s hope that Warcraft 3 will be remastered. It’s one of the most beloved games in all of Blizzard’s portfolio and worthy of such attention. With the company’s dedication to bringing old favorites to a new generation, maybe it’ll be sooner than later.

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