Warcraft 3 Proving that Great Games Never Age


Blizzard is proving to fans of Warcraft 3 that great games never age. Late last week, a dedicated WC3 public test server went live with a brand new patch. That’s pretty amazing stuff for a 15-year-old game.

Warcraft 3 & its new update

The PTR for WC3 is up and running with patch notes published on the official site. Players taking part in testing will find a lot of big, big improvements, particularly with regard to multiplayer. RTS fans can try out updated maps as well as new map pools prior to their release for live service.

The biggest changes include new starting areas to allow players equal access to resources and choke points. Nobody’s getting an advantage by being closer!

As time goes on, Blizzard has plans to bring other features to the WC3 PTR including:

  • an overhauled matchmaking system
  • automated tournaments
  • improved “latency” that is better suited to modern systems

All of these improvements follow last year’s update to WC3 to bring it up to snuff for modern operating systems. Further additions to the game in terms of game play are unlikely, however the improvements have many fans hopeful that Warcraft 4 may be coming one day.

You can download the WC3 PTR for Windows or Mac.

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