Warcraft III Reforged – Large Balance Pass In the Latest Patch

Warcraft III Reforged - Devs Did a Balance Pass in the Latest Patch

The developers from Blizzard released a large balance patch aimed at fixing the costs and sometimes the functionality of hero ultimate abilities, to make them a bit more competitive with a hero’s baseline abilities and mana pool, shaking up levels 5 and 6 items and more. The team also wants to support the future endeavors of map makers by making a balance pass of the Mercenary Camp units. As always, the patch also includes a variety of gameplay and optimization enhancements as well as a round of bug fixes.

You can find the full patch notes on the official Warcraft 3 Reforged forums.

In the previous update, developers outlined balance changes as one of the three main directions of the team’s work:

  • Ongoing Updates: Bug and Desync Fix Patches. The team will make a heavy emphasis on finding and resolving issues that cause desyncs as well as developing a tool that will help with the future desyncs.
  • Balance Updates. The team’s goal is to preserve classic strategies where possible while promoting increased strategic variety. Balance patches will aim to ensure competitive integrity at the professional level while providing a variety of different strategies for new and returning players of all skill levels.
  • Upcoming Features: the developers are working to deliver features to the game, including Improved Matchmaking, Ranked Ladders, Profiles, Custom Campaigns, and Clans.

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