WarCraft – The Mysterious “Offline” Event

Warcraft 3 the Frozen Throne

With the famous WarCraft 3 players being invited to a mysterious offline event held in the USA by Blizzard, the Internet is filled with rumours about a possibility of WarCraft 3: Remastered announcement later this month. Let’s see where those rumours come from!

A number of famous WarCraft players including Russians Happy and HawK, Foggy from Ukraine, Grubby from Holand have been invited by Blizzard for some kind of event that will be held closer to the end of February. With the difficulty of obtaining USA Visa in Russia, Happy and HawK travelled to Serbia to speed up the process, leading people to believe it is urgent and important.

Blizzard has not shied from announcing tournaments so it seems unlikely all of this secrecy would be done for a simple WC3 LAN tournament.

Russian player Happy made the following statement:

A bit about the “surprise”.

I cannot disclose the details yet, but I was allowed to hint around. At the end of the month, there will be a certain event (offline). What will happen there is still a mystery. Since it will take place in the USA, I have to work on the visa.

All of the above leads people to believe the event will be WarCraft the RTS related. Whether it would be a Remastered version (won’t surprise anyone after StarCraft: Remastered), WarCraft 4 or even a Mobile game remains to be seen. It is worth noting that in 2017 WarCraft 3 has been patched for the first time in 4 years.

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