Warcraft Shared a New Short Story – ‘A Whisper of Warning’

Warcraft Shared a New Short Story - 'A Whisper of Warning'

Developer Blizzard Entertainment took to the official site of MMORPG World of Warcraft to share a new short story. Titled ‘A Whisper of Warning’, it is tied to the latest Dragonflight update Dark Heart, as well as the upcoming expansion The War Within. Alleria Windrunner and her son Arator take the spotlight this time.

“Khadgar has dispatched Alleria Windrunner on a dark mission, one that portends an uncertain future for Azeroth. Before she departs, she visits her lost home of Silvermoon on a mission of peace and connection. Much remains unsaid between Alleria and her son, Arator—hindered by fear and misunderstanding—but Alleria would have her son know his mother and her intentions before a new evil threatens Azeroth again.”

WoW: Dragonflight – Dark Heart launched on May 7 to wrap up the story of the current expansion. Radiant visions are being experienced all across Azeroth, even as a new ancient threat moves in the shadows. Khadgar summons Alleria Windrunner, the star of ‘A Whisper of Warning’, to Dalaran to investigate. The patch also sets the lead up to The War Within, the first story of a new expansion trilogy. The War Within arrives in Fall 2024. In time, it will be followed by WoW: Midnight & WoW: The Last Titan.

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