Warcraft – Total War Public Beta Started

Warcraft - Total War

WarCraft – Total War is an ambitious fan mod for Medieval 2: Total War that has been in development for 8 years. The setting of the mod is based on Blizzard’s RTS Warcraft III and contains large map containing dozens of iconic provinces, along with factions very distinct from each other such as the Scourge, the Horde, the Burning Legion, as well as many units and heroes essential to any Warcraft experience.

The announcement of beta includes the explanation of how the mod can be installed and the list of what can be found inside:

  • 22 factions with new rosters
  • Rebels placed out and spawning
  • A new UI, music, campaign map is unique, has spawning scripts for two factions, has a debt script so the AI won’t get bankrupt, has a new battle and campaign AI using EBII’s Skynet Battle AI, and Stainless Steel’s Savage Campaign AI, has new names, new family members and portraits!
  • New recruitment system, unique building tree, unique features such as casters, beasts, flying dragons and more.

You can find out more about the WarCraft – Total War mod on its moddb page.

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