Warface gets free Console Update – Includes Battle Royale Mode

battle royale mode warface

In a twist that should be shocking to no one, yet another game is delivering a battle royale mode to its players. Though not available on XBox One yet, PS4 players can check out the battle royale mode set in the Mojave Desert.   The XBox One version of Warface should see the update on October 30th, which also includes new maps and a raid.  Check out the full press release below.

Delivering on the roadmap plans for 2018, Global publisher My.com is excited to release the first free content update for the console version of its military shooter phenomenon Warface. The includes all-new maps, the co-op raid “Black Shark” and the long-awaited Battle Royale game mode is now available to download for free on the PlayStation®4. Set in the Mojave Desert, the “every player for himself” royale format in Warface is more visceral experience, spending less time looting and more time spent shooting. Soldiers can look forward to hundreds of distinctive weapons and pieces of original equipment resulting in fast-paced, dynamic matches.

In “Black Shark”, one of the most atmospheric cooperative raids to date, players will meet the most unique enemies that Blackwood has posed against the Warface squads so far. Up to five players will have to infiltrate and set up explosive charges on the floors of an under-development skyscraper that Blackwood has an unusually high interest in constructing. The latest raid will task squads with blasting through numerous sections of the unfinished tower while hacking the enemy network and retrieve crucial data to deal a decisive blow!

The update also kicks off Warface’s Halloween festivities event and introduces several maps for the Team Death Match, Plant the Bomb and Storm game modes. The “Black Shark” update will also be available on Xbox One starting October 30th.

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