Warface Update Brings In Crysis Nano Suits

Warface Crysis suits

My.com set out a word about the latest update to  MMO Shooter Warface. According to the publisher, the update brings in many exciting additions such as nano-suits from famous Crysis series.  However, those suits are more than just eye candy: they include kevlar pads and exoskeleton pieces.

This stylish and fear inducing outfit provides players with the perfect compliment to the dynamic and unpredictable nature of Warface’s missions.

Warface Update Introduces Crysis Nano-suits

In addition to expanding the wardrobe, the update also increases the highest rank to 82, known as “Spartan”.  It will be challenging to attain but will allow players quite the bragging rights. The update also brings in new weapons such as the medic-specific CV-12 shotgun.

The developers have also touched on balance and PvP scene.  New “Overtime” feature will be added to the two game modes – Plant the Bomb and Capture. Overtime adds extra time to the match in case of an even score between the teams to determine a winner.

You can find the full list of additions to the game on the official site.

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