Warface Invades Consoles this Year

If you are tired of $60 dollar price tags, season pass pre-orders, DLC map packs, and the long-running loot box controversy that threatens to sink the console shooter, then you can do worse than check out Warface. Now, the free to play online FPS is packing up its inventory and coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year.

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Published by My.com, this modern military shooter has already proven its credentials on the PC landscape. Powered by CryEngine, this mature military engagement now has tens of millions of registered players across the PC landscape, regular PvP tournaments, and a wealth of content to choose from.

Players joining the Warface on console will face the nefarious Backwood organization across a number of encounters. Both PvP and PvE content will be available on launch with Co-operative PvE clashes and a bunch of thoughtfully challenging raid encounters already planned. Everything from a claustrophobic urban combat to massive articulated mechanoids awaits anybody willing to take on Blackwood. Each and every one of these requires the right mix of teamwork and skill to succeed, with four distinct classes available. Riflemen, Snipers, Medics, and Engineers allow teams to play a range of roles and even operate different mechanics as they crawl through a hail of Blackwood bullets.

Although the game’s 100+ weapons, such as the RGX160, can be focused on some fairly unforgiving AI opponents, competitive gameplay is also available. Plant the Bomb, Free for All, Storm mode, and Destruction are just some of the modes that Warface includes. A Battle Royale mode also provides a new twist on the traditional encounter, speeding things up and turning the hide n go seek game into a hectic flurry of visceral action.

While Warface is not a new game by any stretch, My.com has already proved it can competently publish existing IP on console platforms. The launch of MMORPG Skyforge should be ample encouragement that Warface has a good chance of success, and with the massive amount of current content, you really have nothing to lose. If you are interested in a different tour of duty then check out more on the official website.

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