Warframe Dev Stream Reveals Angels of the Zariman Expansion


Warframe developers, Digital Extremes, revealed a new update for the hugely successful sci-fi adventure where players will be taking on the Angels of the Zariman.

Introduced during a developer livestream this weekend, and known as update 31.5, this upcoming add on is slated to be a continuation of the post “New War” content but doesn’t have a specific date as yet. While we don’t know exactly who, what or why quite yet, it’s a fair bet to say that this will tie into the Zariman, a huge central hub that the team touched on during the reveal and which also appears during The New War. We do know that Digital Extremes is aiming to add at least 2 new game modes, a new questline, a new Warframe, and a raft of other updates.

Alongside the Angels of Zariman update, players can expect a range of other quality of life updates to land at the same time, including a rework of Eximus, that should provide clarity, variety, and better visual identification. While Digital Extremes has not unveiled any more information quite yet, we do know that the Angels of the Zariman will be influenced by the recent New War expansion. In the aftermath of a conflict that has seen players take on some epic odds and an alien aggressor of immeasurable power, it’s going to be interesting to see what the team behind this title does next.

Before then, Tenno will get to take on update 31.1, Echoes of War, which is due to drop on 9 February across all platforms. The live stream reviewed what’s about to load with Echoes of War, including a quality of life pass that will impact the Sister of Parvos hunt. This includes a range of Progenitor changes that mainly revolve around removing rejected weapons from your potential pool for each loop of the hunt. Players can expect more than jsut t tweaks and bugs fixes, however. With a replayable version of The New War story, new augments, the return of Star Day, and TennoGen Round 21 coming next month, there should be tons to stay occupied.

That’s not everything either. If you’re interested in seeing some of the new systems, updates, and features coming to Warframe head over to the official website now or watch the replay above.

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