Warframe Empyrean Unveiled at The Game Awards

Warframe has a brand new update and fans of space ninjas got a glimpse of the Empyrean update at this year’s Game Awards.

Between the celebration and pop performances, several big announcements hit the stage at this year’s Game Awards and Digital Extremes took the opportunity to show off the new additions to Warframe on PC. The long-running MMO that mixes instanced content with some utterly off the wall movement mechanics, all wrapped up in a slick sci-fi universe, dropped the trailer for Empyrean last night. The Empyrean update can be found above, but there’s a lot more to the update than just a cool looking teaser.

Hitting PCs today, Warframe Empyrean is a new four-player co-op battleship experience for Warframe fans. Players will roar across the dark abyss around Earth, Saturn, and Veil Proxima tearing up space like never before. Tenno will find themselves at the helm of the Sigma Series Railjack battleship. The center of your world for space-based combat, this ultra-powerful ship is upgradeable, customizable, and a deadly foe in battle. Along with a range of rail jack powers, Tenno will also get some personal enhancements with this space warfare. Coolest of all the new Warframe powers allow players to jettison into battle using Archwings to infiltrate enemy ships or shoot from “Archwing cannons” to annihilate smaller ships.

The upgrades abilities that Empyrean brings to the fore include:

Intrinsics: With the totally new “Intrinsics” feature, players will experience a new reliable RPG progression system. By playing through missions and earning Intrinsics points, Tenno build their own player ranked skills

  • Avionics: These are the vessel’s upgradable ‘powers’. They comprise Battle, Integrated, and Tactical types and they work like Warframe Abilities
  • Components: Guns, Engines, Reactors, and Shields
  • Armaments: AKA weaponry, are different firepower types

There’s way more to do in the cold expanse of space than we can get into in this news alert. To find out more about the new Warframe updates, head over to the official Warframe website now and take a look at all the Game Award Winners if you’re interested in all the action from last night.


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