Warframe Fans Remind Developers Not to Overwork

In a Reddit post that gathered almost 5k upvotes, the fans of Warframe took it on themselves to remind DE to take care of themselves and their health with the upcoming update Fortuna.

The post includes a screenshot of Tenno leaning over a console and reads “Tenno against crunch. Crunch is bad for wellbeing. Stress can lead to many health concerns including heart disease, depression and premature death”.

Many fans echo the sentiments in the comments:

Theanonistanon: A dead DE can’t bring rail jack pls take care of yourself DE

melanion5: A million times this, shipping a game one week after or before is not worth of your health, take care of yourself guys.

Shanhaevel: YES! A thousand times this! As a fellow game industry worker, please do not crunch.

There is no indication that Digital Extremes is crunching, but considering the latest trends in the gaming industry and the outcry about Rockstar and RDR2, the fans decided to gently remind Warframe developers to take care of themselves.

Update Fortuna is coming to the PC version of Warframe this week.

Welcome to Fortuna, Outworlder. Explore the frigid landscape of Venus populated with new Corpus threats, subterranean mysteries and an ecosystem on the brink of destruction.

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