Warframe Make Last Call For Prime Resirgenace Loot

Warframe Prime Resurgence Ash Prime Vauban Prime No Logo

Warframe has made a last call for players looking to pick up exclusive prime rewards as part of the current Amazon Prime crossover.

Warframe players can still pick up a raft of superb-looking rewards with a second shot at the Prime Reassurance Events in this online sci-fi adventure. Any of you that regularly take point as one of the Teno might already know that developer Digital Extremes unlocked its back catalog of Prime Warframes recently, giving players an unprecedented opportunity to grab some of the 18 retired Warframes and rare loot from Warframe’s past.

Now, there’s one final fling at these unvaultings. Anybody eager to catch up can wreak havoc against the Sentients in Warframe’s newly released cinematic expansion and blow away enemies using fan favorite devices like the Mag Prime, turning up in the first part of this re-run, and wield many more as time ticks on. The last chance starts tomorrow and runs until 18 January, while the second section of the series kicks off on 18 January and runs until 25 January. The returning Warframes are listed below:

Prime Resurgence: Last Chance Part I

Mag Prime, Nova Prime, Limbo Prime, Trinity Prime, Mesa Prime, Hydroid Prime, Volt Prime, Loki Prime + Rhino Prime, and Nyx Prime

Prime Resurgence: Last Chance Part II

Vauban Prime, Ash Prime, Oberon Prime, Nekros Prime, Saryn Prime, Valkyr Prime, Ember Prime, Frost Prime + Rhino Prime and Nyx Prime

For those who still aren’t able to splash the cash for the best of prime, Digital Extremes are adding a play to ern twist on the Prime Resurgence event. Anybody willing to grind out the time can visit Varzia Dax in Maroo’s Bazaar and awaken the ancient Orokin Prime Vanguard. While there, you can trade Aya and Regal Aya for Void Relics, prebuilt Prime Warframes, weapons, or accessories. So, there’s plenty of reason to get in and play right away. Whether you’re time rich or have a healthy wallet balance, this is the last chance to grab some of the most iconic weapons Warframe has to offer before The New War kicks off for real.

Warframe is a free to play online adventure like no other. Featuring sci-fi themes, space ninjas, epic storylines, and a raft of systems that have led this title to standout among its competitors, Warframe is a free to play adventure like no other. You can find out more over at the official Warframe website and grab a Prime Warframe on Pc, PlayStation, and Xbox now.

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