Warframe The New War Trailer Drops At TennoCon

TennoCon 2021, the annual celebration of all things Warframe, has been and gone, leaving us with a brand new trailer for the upcoming expansion, The New War

TennoCon 2021 might be over but there’s plenty of detail to pick over among the aftermath. The annual party celebrating everything about Digital Extreme’s hit online sci-fi RPG dropped a look at what players will face in the near future, with a stunning new trailer for Warframe’s next expansion, The New War. Unveiled alongside a long-form Twitch stream, as we detailed before Tennoncon, the new expansion trailer drops Tennos onto a landscape scarred by war littered with the fallout from what appears to be an invasion and a seemingly familiar adversary which we now know to be the ancient Sentients.

The longer gameplay preview takes a total of 30 minutes to watch and is available online for anybody that missed Tennocon over the weekend. Along the way, you’ll see more of the aforementioned invasion. Echoing the world-shattering events and scale of early Mass Effect 3 previews, Digital Extremes took to the fight, controlling Grineer Trooper Kahl-175, Corpus Crewman Veso, and Teshin in fully playable questlines, as they all face the ferocity of a new and deadly enemy.

The gameplay reveal further cements the conclusion that this upcoming expansion will impact everything about Warframe, and involve the entire galaxy. However, it isn’t all that Digital Extremes announced this weekend. Players looking to catch up on Tennocon’s big news can check out the trailer and preview above, or head over to the official YouTube channel before The New War goes live across PC, Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later this year.

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