Warframe Will Cast Jade Shadows on 18 June

Jade Shadows key art

The latest weekend Warframe Devstream just locked in a look at the new Jade Shadows update coming to Warframe on 18 June.

Digital Extremes, the studio behind iconic multiplayer sci-fi adventure Warframe announced that the legacy of all Tenno will take another turn on 18 June. The upcoming jade Shadows update got a firm launch date over the weekend, after an initial reveal back in April 2024. The recent live stream also gave us all a closer look at gameplay alongside a showcase of a new mission, and a little look ahead the schedule reveal for TennoCon 2024.

Jade Shadows

Featuring a fan favorite character, the new cinematic update will drop for free, adding a new chapter in the tale of the Stalker. The new narrative will pull on existing lore and give players an opportunity to embody the 57th Warframe, Jade, the song of devastation. A definitive support play style will give Tenno the opportunity to channels “angelic choir” inspirations to sing buffing solos for extra damage or shield regen, inflicting enemy slowdown, or pools of healing light.

Alongside a look at the Jade, the stream also proved useful, ahead of a brand new mission type. Footage of Ascension showed off the bottom layer of an enemy base that player must get out of. Hijack and enormous elevator and hold the line against waves of enemies, all while collecting power cells to keep the elevator going. It’s an ingenious twist on established wave missions but isn’t all that players can take on.
A new Clan Operations also draws players back into an enemy base. Deep in the heart of opposing territory, Clan members must team up to accomplish a range of objectives and thwart the Corpus faction’s latest experiments,

TennoCon and Soulframe

TennoCon 2024’s full two-day schedule was also fully detailed on Friday night. Don’t think that Digital Extremes have forgotten about the much hyped 1999. Day One promises a 1999-themed TennoVIP celebration with guest DJ iHearCanvas, karaoke, and more. New activities for Day Two were also revealed like Crack-A-Relic pin trading, dedicated panels each full of major announcements and extra insights around Warframe’s art and sound design, as well as the first-ever dedicated Soulframe Devstream on 20 July.
The on screen team also confirmed that panels on Soulframe will also be streamed from the yearly event. too.

If you want to find out more about the upcoming Jade Shadows, then head over to the official Warframe website now and play for free across PC, iOS, Android, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

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