Warhammer 30k: Death of Hope Fan-Made Trailer

Mark Louis Spark is working on an animated short dedicated to one of the most important events in the Warhammer universe – The Horus Heresy.  The project is titled Warhammer 30k: Death of Hope and has been worked on by the creators for over a year now.  It is currently unknown when the full version will be released, but you can already catch a glimpse of the action to come by watching the trailer above.

You can follow the project on Facebook to learn more.

From Warhammer 40k Wiki:

The Horus Heresy was a galaxy-spanning civil war that consumed the worlds of Mankind for 7 Terran years. Its outbreak marked the end of the Emperor of Mankind’s Great Crusade to reunite the scattered colony worlds of humanity under a single government and the beginning of the current Age of the Imperium. The Horus Heresy is in many ways the founding event of the Imperium of Man as it now exists.

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