Warhammer 40K: Lost Crusade Is Out Now In The US

If you’re out and about this weekend then it might be time to consider getting out your mobile and facing the void as Warhammer 40K: Lost Crusade is out now.

After a wave of announcements at last week’s Warhammer Skulls event, you can gear up and call on the might of the Space marines on Android and iOS platforms. We’re a little bit late to enlist, as the mobile strategy game went live in US territories on 3 June, but there’s still plenty of time to get in on the launch celebrations.

Brought to the small screen by Nuverse, Warhammer 40K: Lost Crusade is a free to play adventure and the first Warhammer strategy title built specifically with Android and iOS devices in mind. Deploying into the Grimdark warhammer:40k universe, players picking up this on the go strategy will be able to plunge themselves into the heat of battle in a massive universe taking control of powerful forces engaging in tactically deep real-time combat. As you venture out into space, you’ll strategically place your troops, call on hero abilities, and summon reinforcements at critical moments to fight against the forces of Chaos. As you progress through the PvE campaign or new cross-server PvP, you’ll be able to upgrade your troops by unlocking new abilities and tech through battles, while also recruiting classic heroes to fight for the fleet.

As you’d expect there’s plenty for fans of the 40K franchise and a ton of events still running. Notably, every player who logs in between now and 10 June can claim the exclusive Battle Sister, and players from different countries can light up the region of their home country on the in-game world map to earn an exclusive SKULLS nameplate, a badge of honor for joining the event. You can check out the trailer above and head over to the Apple App Store and Android Play Store to check out the challenge ahead for your Empire.

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