Warhammer: Vermintide Free Content Update out now

Warhammer: Vermintide

Content Update


Games workshop free content update for Warhammer Vermintide has been released. Players who log in by June 2nd will be able to claim a special reward just for signing in. Several new features and upgrades have been implemented and have been inspired by player’s feedback.


Okri’s Challenges are a new addition to the game that will bring more challenges, rewards, loot, and quests. New quests will be available via the new interface book that appears next to Lohner. These quest does not have any time limitations and can be completed at the player’s leisure. Please, note that until you complete or dismiss the quest they will not go anywhere. Going back to the challenges this will allow the player’s the opportunity to obtain new gear and rewards.

Facelift anyone? The new content update will introduce 100+ new cosmetic items ranging from portrait frames, hats and even skins. Players feedback was something they listen to and the direct result will be exclusive items and gear that can only be obtained via Okri’s Challenges as well as Commendation chests. Another item that has been updated based on player feedback is the ability to convert dust. Players seek the green dust and to allow players to obtain this more you can now convert lower tier dust as follows: Orange Dust to Blue Dust Then Blue Dust to Green Dust.


Something long waited has also been added, Mod Support! Games workshop has officially added modding into the game via the steam workshop. Players and serious modders will be able to view a how-to guide and additional information soon. Until then keep a look out on steam for mods and more.



  • Extracting Illusions, no longer cost scrap. Applying Illusions now cost 10 Scrap. As the previous cost of extracting Illusions cost 20 Scrap, each player will be refunded 10 Scrap per Illusion in their inventory, when they log in.
  • Added a new crafting recipe – Convert Dust. You will be able to convert Dust to a lower tier. Ten Blue Dust to ten Green Dust Or ten Orange Dust to ten Blue Dust.
  • The confirmation delay when Crafting and Salvaging has been drastically reduced.


  • Several Veteran items lack distinctive textures with glowing runes. We are working on making sure all Veteran items have cool looking skins. In this version, the Veteran Swiftbows “Edrael’s Will”, and “Spite-Tongue” now have their proper runed
  • Fixed an issue for the Ranger Veteran Bardin’s talent “Last Stand” which caused the buff to be applied whenever a clip was emptied instead of when completely out of ammo.
  • Fixed an issue for the Battle Wizard Sienna’s talent “World Aflame” where the power boost was not applied properly when playing as a client.
  • Fixed an issue for the Witch Hunter Captain Satlzpyre’s talent “Necessary Means” where the power boost was not applied properly when playing as a client, when out of ammo.
  • Fixed an issue for the Zealot Satlzpyre’s talent “Holy Crusade” where the critical strike power boost was not applied properly when playing as a client.
  • Fixed an issue for the Shade Kerillian’s talent “Bloodfletcher” where ammo would not properly be awarded on backstabs.


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