Warmonger Tribe Slays Its Way Into Latest Shadow of War Trailer

The newest video about enemies in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War has arrived. This time, you’ll get all the scary information you could possibly need about the Warmonger Tribe.

What’s a Warmonger?

During your journey in Shadow of War, you’ll face off against more than a few tribes of Orcs. The Warmongers are special among all the others for their taste for war. They have cut a bloody path across all of Mordor as well as through their own kind in a quest for dominance. If they’re not fighting, they’re not living a fulfilled life.

Orcs in Shadow of War are divided into small groups, each led by a warlord. This bunch specializes in brutal combat including spreading fear through Blades, Blood and Pain.

Look for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War on October 10th. The game will be available on  consoles including XBox One, XBox One X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. In addition, you can play on Windows 10 PC from the Windows Store or via Steam.

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