Wartales Showed Off Roadmap for 2022

Wartales Showed Off Roadmap for 2022

Following the release of Harag’s Marshlands last week, developer Shiro Games shared the roadmap for open-world RPG Wartales, taking a look at what’s to come to the game in the near future.

“So as production begins on the next few waves of content and updates, we have updated our roadmap to reflect what’s planned for the next community update, content update and more, giving you all a glimpse into what to expect over the next few months (which includes one VERY popular community request).”

This Spring, players are in for a community update, including recruitment of captured units, companions’ relationship, more character customization, upgrades of legendary weapons and more community requests.

Following that, in Summer the game will receive the multiplayer update. It will bring with it online cooperation: up to 4 players, help each other during fights, camp together, share the loot… or don’t.

At uncertain point in the future, the game will also be expanded with a new region, allowing players to investigate the Capital’s secrets, choose new paths levels and skills, join the Great Tournament, upgrade camping gear and more.

Stay tuned to find out more!

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