WarTide Worlds – MMO combining RTS and FPS on Kickstarter

WarTide Worlds - MMO combining RTS and FPS on Kickstarter

A Kickstarter campaign has been started for Wartide Worlds: an MMO-game combining genres of RTS and FPS. The developers plan to release a game that would fit everyone and are seeking a total of $657,5k to accomplish their goal.

Wartide worlds is the game for everyone. This is expressed by mixing several genres: RTS, FPS, RPG and a great passion of game developers to create an interesting and exciting free based MMO game. Pass through all historical periods of the time starting with ancient age as a troglodyte and ending with the governors of galaxy by developing various skills with different strategic and tactical approaches

The game takes players to the distant future, the era of global war.

As a result of catastrophic events and time anomaly, the player hero ends up in the past. From this moment, you have to do is survive the dangers of that time period and find your way home. Time anomaly – the so called “Rift” – is the only way to bypass hundreds of years and get to the next era.

Finding the “Rift” is not an easy task. In order to achieve this, players will need to build a settlement, achieve the development of certain knowledge, train the army, make alliances.

The eras will include:

  • Ancient times – the hunt for mammoths, the taming of wild animals and the war of the tribes;
  • Medieval times – chivalry, castles and siege weapons;
  • Age of Enlightenment – Napoleonic wars, muskets, and beautiful uniforms;
  • World War I – rapid mobilization by rail, quick-firing artillery and the first military equipment;
  • World War II – massive use of military equipment;
  • Modernity – modern technology, implants, drones;
  • The age of Galaxy – cyborg, robots, the capture of planets and the clash of galaxies.

By developing and completing certain quests, players will be able to move from one era to another. You can stay in the era you like the most as much as you want or proceed to the next era with the opportunity to go back again.

Thus, each era provides a unique gaming experience.

The game allows players to switch from one genre to another. Suchwise, by switching from RTS to FPS, players can apply the skills and abilities of the hero in a most effective way and not being distracted by the need of giving orders and controlling other units.

The MMO component offers a variety of strategies for players. You can build an alliance with other players, distribute responsibilities, from economic development to discovering new technology, from warfare to diplomacy.

We plan to release the game stage by stage.

In the beginning, we release the first two eras, then every six months, new era will be added.

Also, we plan to vary the gameplay with different modes of session character: Deathmatch, the capture and retention of territories, the siege of the castle, etc.

Find out more by visiting the Wartide Worlds Kickstarter page.

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