Wasteland 3 trailer reveals combat, gear & more

InXile Entertainment has been on hand during this week’s Gamescom 2019. During the annual convention, developers showed off a brand new trailer for Wasteland 3, the company’s upcoming classic RPG set in Colorado.

The video briefly showcases a number of the game’s features including combat, armor, weapons, enemies, and vehicle travel. Narrated by a “colorful old man”, viewers are treated to a herd of cattle literally running over a survivors’ campsite. Let’s not forget fine dining at Meat Clown…with its less-than-hygienic preparation. Of course, not all is flesh and bone either. Viewers get a look at some snow-covered mechs and more.

“There’s so much to see and do in this post-apocalyptic winter wonderland!” the narrator gleefully intones. “Meet new people. Make new friends.”

Wasteland 3 is prepping for release on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in Spring 2020. Learn more on the official site.

About Wasteland 3

More than a century after the bombs, Arizona is dying. The Patriarch of Colorado has promised to save it if the Desert Rangers can rescue his land from his three bloodthirsty children. In this tactical RPG, the Rangers must travel North to build a new base, equip a vehicle, train recruits, explore Colorado’s hostile frozen wastes, meet the locals—and decide which ones to help.

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