Watch Dogs 2 Update Adds 2v2 Endgame Challenge & Much More

Watch Dogs 2 Update

The new Watch Dogs 2 update brings tons of new, free content into the game. Most notably, those who love a PvP challenge will find a new way to take on their enemies.

What else is inside the Watch Dogs 2 Update?

For a free update, this one is packed with tons of great things for players including:

  • ShowdOWN 2v2 PvP for end-game mode with 15 maps and three game modes
  • multiplayer support for drone, motocross and ekart racing
  • Loot Truck Event – armored loot trucks that if successfully hacked and surviving police horde mode earns big rewards
  • 13 new clothing items
  • the paintball gun weapon that can stun enemies and even block opponents’ screens in multiplayer
  • bug fixes, feature enhancements and mechanics updates

PlayStation 4 players can look forward to today’s release of the No Compromise DLC while XBox One and PC players will have to wait until May 18th to get their game on.

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