Watch Metal Gear Survive In Action

Metal Gear Survive

Dare we be sacrilege? This actually looks good, people. I mean, the environments seem a little meh, or as PCGamer puts it:

Despite the boring environments, my interest remains piqued. The base-building side of things looks like a lark, and the whole survivor rescue thing looks like an interesting combination of Dead Rising’s survivor system and The Phantom Pain’s staff system. It is my greatest hope that I’ll be able to fill my base with bears, but I’m not holding my breath.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Metal Gear Survive is due out on February 22nd for US, and the 20th in EU. A beta weekend is planned just before on PS4 and XB1 the weekend of February 18th.

IGN's 6 Minutes of Metal Gear Survival
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