Waves of Steel Sails Onto Steam Next Week

Prepare your flotilla and pop a laser turret on top as Waves of Steel brings arcade naval silliness to Steam next week.

If your looking for something with a little less strategy but plenty of ocean explosions then Wavers of Steel might be on your sonar scopes when it takes aim on PC, via Steam, on 21 July. This upcoming naval warfare sim is somewhat more off the wall than many other tactical warfare sims we’ve seen before. Mixing a little bit of the build and pray silliness of Kerbals Space Programme with sea faring combat, Waves of Steel lets eager captains build their own overpowered floating war machine and battle it out to the end.

Waves of Steel is a fast and accessible naval combat simulator from indie studio TMA Games and while it might not look as slick as Sea of Thieves, this title is now ready to barge into a single-player campaign that will blow through hundreds of enemy ships, planes, and submarines.

While that all sounds straightforward enough, there’s a bit of a twist to this river. A fully flexible ship building mechanic provides the opportunity to take some truly outrageous options to the sea. Picking from hundreds of historical ship designs, you’ll be able to select customizable flags, paint jobs, and decals, then maybe outfit some truly horrendous weapons. Anti-aircraft guns, missile launchers, and more advanced weaponry like railguns and lasers are just the beginning. You’ll also come up against colossal superweapons like a flying battleship and a gun made out of a volcano.

If you think that you can take down an entire volcano then Steel Waves hits Steam Early Access on 21 July for $9.89 – a 34% discount. On July 28, the game will return to its retail price of $14.99. Check out the trailer above and aim for the horizon.

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