Wayfinder Echoes Steam Launch is an Epic Respawn

The Wayfinder Echoes Steam launch is live, bringing Airship Syndicate’s MMO back as a co-op dungeon ARPG.

Wayfinder is finally back and the battle against the Gloom is live today. The return of the world of Wayfinder opens up with some big news. New players who are looking to leap in and fight evil can do so now for $24.99 or local equivalent, while existing owners can continue clobbering for no money down.

Both legions of warriors will find a whole host of changes await them. Wayfinders no longer need to stay online to win the battle. The title’s previous service-based model is dead. Instead, the co-op ARPG is available to solo or take on with up to two other friends. So, I’ve got Wayfinder Echoes sitting on my ROG Ally right now. A ton of gameplay changes are loaded and ready to go for this rebirth. New stats, collectable armor sets, performance improvements, streamlined character collection, new weapon drops, housing extras, and four distinct difficulty levels are ready. There’s even a new RPG talent system. All of this is expected to make its way to PlayStation platforms soon, with an Xbox release also confirmed for sometime in the future.

Grendel Calling

Since the rework isn’t enough, Grendell is finally here. The ferocious mercenary is the latest character to drop into Wayfinder. First unveiled at the Tokyo Games Show in a whirlwind of fire and fury. If nothing else, he’s got a mean looking weapon and a temper. A new trailer, directed by Joaquim Dos Santos (Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse and The Legend of Korra) and Barry J. Kelly (Star Trek: Lower Decks, Venture Bros), shows off the power of the latest in a growing roster.

While Wayfinder Echoes isn’t the same MMO that we expected, the move to a different model is impressive news. Shrugging off the corporate axe after publisher Digital Extremes divested from the IP, shows the Wayfinder Echoes Kaunch is a lot more Borderlands than Battleborn. You can check out all the news about the relaunch and Early Access progress on the official website now.

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