Waylanders Team Reveals Its Early Access Roadmap

The Waylanders

The Waylanders Celtic RPG recently launched into Steam Early Access and now the team has revealed its plans for new content for the game over the coming months. Developers have made a commitment to the community that updates will be pushing out biweekly content and gameplay improvement updates. Game patches will alternate between adding new content and improving in-game content.

Biweekly updates will start rolling in in July and will be centered on the following:

  • Update 1 – cinematic improvements, major bug fixes, audio improvements, Steam trading cards
  • Update 2 – new companion loyalty quests, information regarding stats, abilities, and combat
  • Update 3 – improved cinematics, crafting system updates
  • Update 4 – new story content for companions – “know your companions”
  • Update 5 – major bug fixes, codex updates, creatures and enemy lore
  • Update 6 – new quests, features, story, and lore
  • Update 7 – bug fixes, story improvements, combat, and UX updates

Once these patches are out of the way, developers will be adding “new story quests, more side missions, companion loyalty quests, romance plots, new areas, advanced classes, new language support, and more”.

Check out The Waylanders Steam page to learn more.

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