We Are The Caretakes Sales Will Help Support the World’s Rhinos

We Are The Caretakers is an upcoming afro-futurist game coming from Heart Shaped Games. The game will be making its debut in Steam Early Access beginning on Earth Day 2021 on April 22nd.

The team is vested in showcasing a futuristic world where players are put into the virtual shoes of the Conductor who is charged with protecting the Shadra people and “a vulnerable rhino-like species”. Players will command a variety of squads on real-time strategy maps and face off against poachers. Each battle will be turn-based and players will be offered a choice on what to do with defeated enemies: Rehabilitate or punish? “Doing what’s right isn’t always the popular choice”, something that will be emphasized in the game’s story penned by narrative director Xalavier Nelson Jr.

We Are The Caretakers will extend its efforts on conservation not just from awareness, but toward making a financial impact to organizations conserving Earth. Heart Shaped Games’ first initiative will donate 10% of the game’s revenue to the Wildlife Conservation Network. This organization protects wildlife all around the world, such as through the Rhino Recovery Fund, which focuses on improving the health of rhino populations while also benefiting local people.

Check out the We Are The Caretakers Steam page to learn more.

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