Weaving Tides Comes To Switch & Steam Tomorrow

weaving tides

Weaving Tides, the charming indie from Follow the Feathers, is coming to Switch and Steam tomorrow.

Originally sewing its way to a successful Kickstarter around a year ago, with just over three times the original 18,000 euro goal, Weaving Tides is set to hit finally launch on PC and Nintendo Switch on 27 May 2021. Delving into a magical woven world, this cute puzzler challenges player to explore the textile landscape on the back of their very own carpet dragon. That’s right, plushy dragons!

As you explore this knitted landscape and crocheted canyons, you’ll use a range of abilities to stitch and cut your way across the horizon. Like andy good adventure title, plenty of dangers lurk and experience textilers can use the weaver’s abilities to wrap up their foes as well as overcoming puzzles and dungeons that take the odd bit of inspiration from old school Zelda. Along the way, players can guide Tass, the main protagonist, as he heads out on a quest to find his parents, assemble fragments of the past and eventually unveil the long-forgotten secrets of the woven world. Once you save this woven world, you’ll be able to kick back and weave freely across a playground feature, using your own colorful ribbons to build the fanciest of digital embroidery.

With a charming look aesthetic and a unique tale of fabric heroism on offer, the launch of Weaving Tides on Steam and Nintendo Switch tomorrow is something worth putting down your knitting needles for. Find out more about this indie over at the official website now.

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