The Week in Games – Betas, Launches, and Lots of New Pokemon

Gotta catch 'em all! Again... yay?
Prey launch date gaming news

There never seems to be a boring week in gaming news, and as we’re nearing the launch of the Nintendo Switch, this week was no different. From open betas to game launches, to Prey’s launch date, to new reviews and lots more Pokemon – read up on the week that was in GameSpace news.

Pokemon Go – 80 More Pocket Monsters Added

Just when you thought you were done, Nintendo added 80 more Pokemon to Pokemon Go this week, luring out the masses once more into the cold and unforgiving wilds.

Launch Date Gaming News

Both Vikings: Wolves of Midgard and Prey received their launch dates this week. Vikings will land on 4/28 for the PS4, XB1, and PC. While Prey will come out just a week later on the same platforms. Which one has you itching to play?


Speaking of launch dates, RTS MOBA Hybrid Dropzone landed on Steam this week, with a resounding explosion. The game seems to take the best bits of both genres and mash them into an effective 1v1 PVP game. Be sure check out the trailer and our exclusive interview.

And of course, how we could forget Shardbound? This fantastically stylized and ambitious new tactical card game just nailed its modest Kickstarter, and is well on its way towards stretch goals. Check out why we’re excited for the game in our exclusive interview with Caleb Epps.

Beta News

Starship Assassin, a new Lawnmower Man-esque looking FPS is getting its open beta shortly, so check out the news here.

Meanwhile, the Open Beta period for Ghost Recond Wildlands was announced to be taking place next weekend, so be sure to sign up and get the download in place for your last chance to try before the March 7th launch.

And while we’re on the topic of betas, the Halo Wars 2 early access period for pre-order folks was this weekend, ahead of the Xbox One and Windows 10 game’s official launch on 2/21. Check out the first 20 minutes of gameplay from the campaign below.

Check out the first 20 minutes of the campaign from Halo Wars 2

New GameSpace Reviews

Other Big Gaming News

  • Some lucky schmo got his Nintendo Switch two weeks early, and while he can’t play any games, he can stare longingly at the menus.
  • Payday 3 is indeed in production at Starbreeze, and while it’s a long way off, we can start our wishlist for an open world always online bank robbing game now.
  • Hearthstone is seeing huge changes over the next year, as detailed in a new lengthy blog post from Blizzard.
  • Dawn of War 3 upped its hype levels with several new story based trailers to set the stage of the game’s campaign due out this year.
  • Mass Effect Andromeda did the same thing with a combat and progression trailer of its own.
  • We also learned that the writer of Left 4 Dead and Portal, among so many others, is leaving Valve after 13 years.
  • And lastly, the Action MMORPG Skyforge was announced for the PS4, coming this Spring to Sony’s console.

As always, you can recap anything you missed via our RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook, or just by scanning the site the old fashioned way. Have a great week, people!

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