Weird West Got Snake-In-My-Boot Update

Weird West Got Snake-In-My-Boot Update

Weird West, a tactical RPG that re-imagines the Wild West with gunslingers sharing the frontier with fantasy creatures, received update 1.02. The patch got titled Snake-In-My-Boot, it addresses a hose of community feedback, fixes bugs, introduces new features and more.

The team also improved the Posse Inventory UI and added a brand new Weapon-Scrapping Mode to make inventory management a lot easier. The patch also introduces some new content with a couple of brand-new travel encounters, adds some new setups and layouts to secondary locations and more.

Weird West – Patch 1.02 features include:

  • Melee Lethal Stealth Take Down – You can now one-shot stealth kill unaware NPCs with your melee weapon so you can feel more like an Assassin, in case knocking out and not killing your enemies is not your thing!
  • Blunt Weapons Non-Lethal Knock Out – On the other hand, blunt weapons like shovels, clubs as well as kicks and fists now knock out people when taking them to 0 HP, rather than killing them, so you have more way to get out of combat without murdering enemies all!
  • New Projectile Aiming System – The team revamped the  projectile system so you now freely control with the mouse or gamepad stick the exact position where you will throw the projectile;
  • Weapon Scrapping Mode – You can now scrap all weapons at once via the new scrap menu, and, even better… you can also directly scrap the ones in your Companions or Horse inventory from there!
  • Posse Inventory UI Overhaul.

“The Dev Team is now hard at work on 1.03, scheduled for mid-June, which will continue our commitment to improving the game and responding to community feedback–more details on that soon! In the meantime.. here is this patch trailer :)”

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