Welcome to JackHammer, where Unreal meets Rocketleague!

Robots go big or go home.

Feel like your Rocket League doesn’t have enough murder? Think that Unreal Tournament needs more sports? British indie team, Mission Ctrl might have the answer with their inaugural title, JackHammer.

JackHammer is a sci-fi FPS that melds lightning fast action, robots, and iridium-alloy Murderballs in a battle for survival. Several different models of robot can be found bouncing across the game’s announcement trailer and every one of these will be fully customizable, just to keep things interesting. Built using the Unreal 4 engine, this conceptually simple title looks like it could lead to all sorts of chaos as a cacophony of metal and Murderballs crash around a close quarters arena. Multiplayer and ranked modes have already been confirmed for JackHammer which enters early access later this year on Steam, Greenman, and Humble.

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