We’re Getting Scarf For Christmas


Scarf, the beautiful 3D platformer from developer HandyGames, is coming to PC and Stadia just in time to keep us all warm through the festive season.

Forget the knitting disaster that you’ll pretend to love in front of the relatives, this year just stay inside when Scarf lands on PC and Stadia. Due to launch on 23 December, just in time to keep us all entertained during our downtime, Scarf is a gorgeous looking 3D adventure mixing exploration and platforming puzzles that we first spotted back in 2018. Now after a significant delay, players will be able to pick up the eponymous Scarf and venture out into a range of worlds, taking on increasingly complex puzzles and rounding up rebellious souls that have created their own utopias.

Rather than imbue the player character with ferocious power, your red wrap around companion allows adventurous types to double jump, glide, and swing through these environments. While this could be just about enough to keep your attention, Scarf does have a narrative all its own. Backed by a sumptuous sounding musical score, Scarf is something of an allegory about what it is to be a hero. Between the savannahs and the jumping puzzles, something is hiding an unexpected truth behind the miscreant souls and your little red companion.

With hints of Rime and Incredible Mandy quite present here, I will definitely be taking some time to wrap myself up in Scarf on 23 December across Steam, GoG, and Google Stadia. For a look at this title, press play on the teaser trailer above, or head over to the official website to prepare for Scarf.

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