We’ve Got CSC Halloween Crate Codes To Give Away

csc halloween event code giveaway

It’s time to trick or treat, and we’ve got some very special codes to giveaway for anybody who wants to get their frighteners on in CSC this Halloween.

If you’ve been dabbling in CSC of late then you might already be aware that CSC is embracing its first Halloween by running a special seasonal event in this space-based MMO. You can check out what’s going on in the new frontier over at our earlier update on the current Halloween theme. Just to add to your bag of treats, we’ve got a whole cache of codes that should let you escape the spooky atmosphere and celebrate Halloween in CSC. All you’ll have to do to enter this code giveaway is head below and drop your email address into the giveaway box below. No likes, no shares, no orbiting the local space station each day for an extra chance. Just get in and win!



What Is CSC?

CSC is a free-to-play casual-friendly space MMO sandbox game that delivers fast-paced combat, a robust economy and deep crafting system, on Steam. This game offers the best of both worlds to gamers of all levels. Players can get into CSC quickly to battle, explore and run missions in minutes, not hours. At the same time, dedicated MMO enthusiasts can dig deep into an ever-expanding universe and a rich player economy that rewards game time with real-money value in-game items.

Launched on 9/3 with Season 1 content, CSC is currently hosting a Halloween event. We’re giving away CSC Halloween Crates that feature cool Halloween-themed skins to spookify your CSC game. Available while supplies last.

Redemption Instructions:
  1. Download CSC on Steam and create an account if you don’t already have one. 
  2. Login to CSC client and open the GFI Network screen. Navigate to the tab called ‘Loot.’
  3. On the bottom right is a small raffle ticket icon – select that icon and enter Coupon Code into the pop-up (Codes are limited 1 per user).
  4. You will get a confirmation of receipt of Halloween Crate.
  5. To open a crate go to the ‘Store’ tab in the GFI Network and select ‘Commander Inventory.’ You can open your crate there to see what you got!


 While you’re spending some time floating through the outer reaches of space, why not check out all the other cool Halloween treats out there for gamers and do let us know what prizes you pull.

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