What are the key attributes of a good slot game?

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Slot machines have been one of the greatest innovations in the world of casino gaming. Most land-based casinos are now awash with video slot machines and online casinos have increasingly followed suit in the last decade. The online casino scene has benefitted greatly from a considerable influx of iGaming software developers designing and building engaging and immersive video slots that transport players to new worlds, whilst looking for those jackpot payouts.

The factors that go into successful slot games behind the scenes

Although many slot gamers enjoy the thrill of spinning to try and win jackpots and bonuses, others log on to play slots online as a form of entertainment; a release from reality, in terms of immersive play and high-definition graphics and visuals. To develop those popular slot titles, the industry’s slot software pioneers have had to create their own rule book in terms of the attributes needed to be considered a good game in the eyes of players.

The tried and trusted method of designing good slot titles was by no means an overnight process. It’s taken time for development studios to analyze data and feedback from players to recognize what people are looking for when searching for new slots to play. The key attributes can be narrowed down to three core elements:

The three key points when creating slot games


The design and appearance of the latest video slots is one of the main appeals to today’s slot gamers. The concept of slot visuals might seem somewhat bizarre to long-standing slot players that were brought up on a fare of basic three-reel, three-payline mechanical slot machines, but as the online casino industry evolves and seeks to attract Generation Z through its doors, immersive graphics are now an integral part of the 2020 slot experience.

In fact, the latest video slots incorporate high-definition visuals that look and play just like PlayStation 4 games or Xbox One games. Today’s slot players look for slot games that feature animation on and around the reels. There will even be cutscenes designed to look like something out of a console game or even a box office movie. For instance, you can play slots online with titles like A Nightmare on Elm Street, where video scenes are integrated along with animated slash lines across the screen during winning spins to mimic the terror of Freddy Krueger.

At the other end of the spectrum, there will always be games inspired by old-school themes that are made to appear old on purpose. These games will always have their fans, particularly those that remember a slot industry before the bells and whistles of high-definition visuals and HTML5 markup technology.

Slot themes
Slot Games 1

You name it, there’s a slot themed on it

There are two types of slot themes that make for a good slot title. First and foremost, there are branded games, inspired by successful franchises from popular culture. These may be movie franchises or television shows like Jurassic Park, Game of Thrones, or Sex and the City; or even inspired by your favorite music bands or artists like Guns N’ Roses, or KISS. These highly marketable franchises from pop culture translate brilliantly to the video slot world.

What’s great about branded slots is that they offer the immersive experience that today’s slot players crave. On the reels, you’ll find symbols and icons that are inspired by characters or themes from the franchise itself to set the tone, while many of the bonus features will also be labeled or based around characters or aspects of a franchise to keep a clear and consistent theme for your slot gameplay.

Aside from branded slots, there are plenty of other themed slots designed to tick a box during the course of the year. These may be seasonal slots, like Christmas or Easter-themed titles, or slots celebrating sporting events like the FIFA World Cup. You will also discover historic themes, with some titles celebrating the eclectic story of our planet, ranging from ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire.


Aside from the visuals and the storyline behind a slot concept, another hugely effective way slot developers set the scene for successful games is through the use of audio. Slot soundtracks may not be overtly in your face, but their atmospheric nature can help to create just the right mood for your gaming. We have already mentioned A Nightmare on Elm Street in a previous section and this particular slot features a chilling soundtrack with sound effects taken directly from the movie franchise itself. More light-hearted slots, such as the Irish-themed leprechaun titles, tend to feature buoyant Irish folk music in the background to maintain that fun, jovial atmosphere.

It’s a perfect example of how soundtracks can be paired with visuals to deliver a good slot experience that’s on-trend and demands your attention.

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