What Do Low Latency, Chicken Dinners and Will Ferrel Have In Common?

Why Twitch of course!

This month the broadcasting giant is rolling out massive updates coincidentally, coinciding with Discords anniversary. Observant folks are keeping an eye on both leading gaming communication companies as games with massive player bases such as Playerunknown Battlegrounds are the first to introduce new filters tailoring who you watch:

This is exciting news for small streamers while also keeping popular streamers om their toes, as the battle for audience heats up! On the technical testing front Twitch also announced opt-in low latency testing for interactive channels so get in there if this means YOU but last yet definitely not least.

Twitch went ahead and name dropped like a baws with Will Ferrell on Saturday Night Live as they prepare for an SNL marathon that begins May 17th! Yes folks this is how far Twitch has come.

Name checked and checked! Rock on, Twitch!



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