What Do We Know About Starfield to Date?

Starfield 1

Starfield is one of the most eagerly awaited video games of 2022. We already know that Bethesda Game Studios will release it for the Xbox Series X / S console and Microsoft Windows, but what else do you need to know about it?

The Latest in a Long Line of Space Games

Games set in space have long held a special place in the hearts of gamers. From Star Trek Online and EVE Online to No Man’s Sky, we love the chance to explore the outer limits of the galaxy and find unusual planets along the way. Trading and fighting are often important parts of these games, as players build alliances or attack the rivals that they come across. While many are RPGs or shooters, the space theme has also entered other genres such as strategy, with Slipways and Starsector both good examples.

Space exploration also features heavily in the latest slots online on titles such as Starburst and Stars Awakening. While Ancient Egypt and Irish luck remain two more commonly seen themes on these sites, the increasing diversification of the slots sector by big-name developers like NetEnt and Playtech should mean that more space games are added over time.


The Latest Starfield News

We know Starfield will let players explore a vast universe that is still recovering from a brutal war. This game was first announced in 2018 and has been at the planning stage for at least a decade, but isn’t due to be released until November 2022. Yet, some teases have already come out to let us get an idea of what to expect from it. One of the key aspects is going to be how you get to explore so many worlds.

The latest tease shows us a jungle world that is filled with lush vegetation. It is said to be a cosmic game, with 150,000 lines of dialogue confirmed and lots of characters. We have also seen some of the concept art and clips that allow us to see around a few of the key locations. However, gamers are still waiting to find out more details of the gameplay involved in Starfield.

By studying the videos released to date, viewers have worked out that some sort of combat feature is likely to be included, as a few weapons options can be seen listed on the spaceship’s control panel. Players will explore the Settled Systems, which covers 50 light-years around our solar system and is the vast area where humans have settled.

The dominant factions in this zone are the Freestar Collective and the United Colonies, who are in a state of uneasy peace following the war. We can also look forward to coming across the likes of mercenaries, pirates, and religious zealots on our travels.

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