What Is AOC Up To With Its New AGON Brand?

aoc agon

AOC, has just announced the creation of a new Agon brand.

Seemingly set to bring all AOC’s gaming hardware under one lineup, the AGON brand announcement is designed to consolidate AOC’s existing gaming monitors and accessories line-ups and extend their portfolio for casual gamers, competitive gamers and ambitious esports players, with new models.

A website accompanying the new branding has just gone live, simply stating that

The new league of warriors, AGON has gathered the best warriors with specific skills to fight evil powers. Only together they are strong enough to defeat the enemy.

With more details promised tomorrow and through the week, we’re eager to see exactly what this new lineup entails. The initial announcement suggests we are going to get far more than just a reshuffling of the AOC monitor lineup.

Stefan Sommer, Head of Global Marketing at AOC: “The gaming industry and the esports sector, in particular, belong to the fastest growing technology markets – and the most exciting ones for sure. We are more than proud to share our new brand concept and vision with this unique community. AGON by AOC will surely raise the bar when it comes to gaming ecosystems – and elevate the game of many more gamers around the world.”

AOC already has a huge range of monitors for almost every gaming setup, ranging from high-end 144Hz displays through to high immersion curved displays and this new brand announcement is probably the next logical step after branching out from gaming displays into a recent range of keyboards, mice, and headsets. While we’re not sure what AOC have planned behind their new website, we’re going to be watching across the week to find out more.

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