What Makes a Good Video Game?

Video Games

Since their inception in the late ’70s, video games have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Studies show that these games are also helpful in shaping players’ behaviors, depending on both the theme and content. But while you keep the passion of playing or developing different games, you’ve probably wondered what makes a good and compelling video game. For instance, some video games were extremely popular at the time of inception only to lose players’ attention a few years later. In this article, we dive into the top qualities that make a good video game.

1.    Excellent Gameplay

From great game controls to stunning graphics, great gameplay edges out many qualities you’d expect in a good video game. Gameplay makes a game more interactive and suitable to play. When implemented right, gameplay with excellent controls makes a game easy to learn and master.

Top-rated video games such as angry birds have managed to stay at the top, thanks to the incredible gameplay they offer to their players. The game developers excelled where others fail by designing good gameplay that allows players to make instant decisions without thinking about it.

The game lets you immerse in a fun and challenging experience. While some would argue in favor of other features, any game with heavy and awkward controls will ultimately result in a less enjoyable gaming experience. Gameplay determines the overall success of the game. And the more exciting it is, the more you’ll want to play it.

2.    A Balance of Challenge and Reward

We all play our favorite games for the sole purpose of getting an exciting challenge and being rewarded for the same. Therefore, finding the perfect balance of challenge and reward is crucial for the game’s overall success. Games that are too challenging without the matching rewards will only leave you frustrated.

At the same time, easy games are boring to the player, regardless of the reward. That’s why the best games need to be tweaked to provide a good escalation of an exciting challenge to players and make them feel tested for the reward. Whether it’s for the first time or not, the game should also provide you with options to unlock new levels and other achievements.

This gaming element is also present even when playing your favorite casino game. The excellent bonus rewards, massive winnings, and an array of other prizes make everything enjoyable. While you won’t find these in all casinos, we trust Zamsino as our resource for exciting challenges and top gaming rewards.

3.    A Good Storyline

While solid gameplay overpowers a great story, a good storyline is also part of a game’s success. Games that involve single-player experiences require more than just excellent gameplay to be appealing to players. Their lack of multiplayer element means they have to make up for it by creating a good story that arouses the players’ interest. So, mixing a great story and excellent gameplay rises above anything else to immerse the player in their gaming experience.

Some of the greatest video games to ever exist make you feel like you’re a part of their universe. The game developers ideally understand what type of game they are creating and what experience the player deserves. Playing these games makes you experience genuine emotions, such that you’ll feel what’s happening to the characters is happening to you.

But even so, a great storyline doesn’t have to be too complex. It just has to be solid enough to grant every player a purpose for playing. Top websites such as Zamedia N.V that have compared various gambling sites and this site as well often rely on such aspects to help casinos attract more players. They value the importance of a good storyline in creating excitement and livening up the competition further.

4.    Art and Graphics Play a Part

Besides good gameplay and a solid storyline, art and graphics are extremely important for any video game. The two present what the player wants to see, ranging from the game environment to the characters. For instance, some of the best shooter games on Android are not known because of their gameplay but the inventive view of their gaming world through inimitable graphics.

And as gaming technology advances, many game developers are inclining toward hyper-realistic graphics to help engage the player in the game. These art and graphics are mostly built in unrealistic ways to enhance the overall gaming experience. That’s why cartoon graphics are more common, depending on how they fit into the game.

However, one of the things to remember is that graphics are only a good quality if they fit the game’s storyline. More often, we see games that boast excellent graphics not enjoying a broader appeal to players. In such cases, you’ll find that the game developers focused so much on creating unique graphics without considering if they fit the world and style of gameplay the players want.

5.    Originality and Replayability

Originality is an essential feature of every game. Some of the most successful video games are built on a balance of originality without wandering off from what the players want. These games often bring themselves to life each year without losing their original sense of identity. Their storyline, gameplay, and graphics are all distinct and authentic, meaning you’ll still find the game interesting in the next 20 years to come.

Replayability is also another factor that’s not too far from originality. This means a game should be able to be replayed again regardless of the time it has lasted. Replayability is a unique feature not present in most video games, especially those lacking unique gameplays and plotlines. A good game that bears all the qualities listed here is undoubtedly replayable. That is, its excellent gameplay, good storyline, and fantastic art will leave you coming back for more.

Bottom Line

All games come with different and unique features that suit all their gaming intentions. That’s why it’s always important to approach each gaming experience with an open mind to find out about its offering. However, the above-highlighted factors should serve as a yardstick to your expectations.

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