What Makes a Video Game Addictive?

Once you try playing a video game, it is hard to stop. Some fall in love with them after the first try and some need extra time and several rounds to become addicted. But, what makes video games so appealing? Frankly speaking, the reasons for game addiction can be very different, but there are some points that definitely stand out among others.

Game Design Tricks

When using a product we want it to be of high quality, right? It’s the same with video slots you can see on 918Kiss. A game with high-resolution graphics and minimum bugs is definitely the winner on the market. The first thing that a customer pays attention to, even if subconsciously, is the design.  General picture and details are what catch the eye the most.

There’s a significant number of tricks designers use for game functioning. They have to make the game interesting and addictive, it has to make you feel that excitement and motivation to play more and more. That’s why they are designed to be hard enough, but still with a good chance for a win to keep you playing.

Factors That Increase “Addictiveness”

Among the most addictive tricks for games are:

  • Increasing the desire for competition

The two main things game designers do to increase your excitement about the game is giving you the possibility to beat the highest score in the game and beating your opponent.

Video Games 1

You might’ve noticed that many video games show the highest score, whether it’s yours or the general biggest number of points that have ever been earned in the game. This is quite a similar practice for all loot boxes and slot games available on Gclub. Our desire for competition often makes us want to achieve new heights. The option of online gaming with other players works almost the same, bringing us a desperate desire to win, no matter how much time it takes.

  • Creating characters

In some games, you have to create a character to play, throughout the game. In fact, this creates emotional attachment in a player, and the further they get in a game with this character the harder it becomes for them to end their story.

Which Games Are Most Addictive?

There are two types of games – some of them work by proceeding you from level to level and some work on the same script. It is a matter of preference, but games, which show the change of surroundings and tasks with every level are more likely to interest you than those, where the same scenario repeats over and over, once you finish the game.

Why Are Only Some Gamers Affected?

Addiction is individual in every case, be it alcohol or video games. People, who are more likely to get addicted to something are those individuals who have a poor social circle or troubles in personal life and this list can go on and on because everyone has their reasons.

The effect that gaming has on our brain and the sensation of winning raises the levels of the hormone dopamine to become responsible for our mood. So, we can say that people, who feel bad due to personal circumstances, are more likely to dive into virtual reality for relief.

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