What the Device You Use for Gaming Says About You

Gaming Device

Are you a computer lover or do you prefer the console? Would you rather get lost in VR or swipe on a mobile game? Find out what the device you prefer says about you as a gamer here!

Every gamer has their own preferred device they like to use. Many even swear by one over another and would never even dream of trying to play a game on it. Whether it is the differing controls or simply a preference in terms of graphics and gameplay, many choose to stick to the gaming device they know best. Let’s take a fun and light-hearted look at what the gaming device you prefer says about you.


You love to grab a game on the go. Whether you are spinning for victory at casino.netbet.ie or downloading the latest must-have app, there is plenty you can find to install onto your mobile phone.

These games tend to be quick and easy to play but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any rewards. Whether you are committing to a full game or just grabbing a level when you gave a moment, mobile gaming has your heart.


You love a classic gaming experience. Whether you are loading up an old favorite or waiting for the latest release to download from online distribution platforms, you know what you like. PC gamers like to push their machines as far as they can to get the best performance and the best graphics possible.

What’s more, PC gamers love to mod their favorite games. Whether you are fixing a broken feature from the vanilla game or you are trying to change it up a little with cool changes to the graphics and extra gameplay options, there are mods out there which can let you do that.

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You love to sit down and lose yourself in a game. Console gamers like nothing more than sitting back and devoting a whole chunk of time to their favorite games. You could be exploring a world on your own or joining friends all over the globe for multiplayer adventures. The opportunities are endless.

You also have access to some amazing exclusive games that other devices won’t see. If you want a brilliant and one of a kind gaming experience, you will get it with console gaming.


You love new tech in all shapes and forms. Whilst you will need either a console or a PC to be able to play VR games, we still think this deserves a category of its own. Whether you are exploring a world you have known for a long time or you are indulging in one of the fun VR-exclusive games out there, you are bound to have an amazing time.

VR can be incredibly rewarding for those who want to give it a whirl. If you are ready to properly lose yourself in the world of a game then VR is for you.

What kind of gamer are you? Do you fit our little summaries? Many people will try all sorts of gaming in their lifetimes and your taste in console might change over the years. However, you are guaranteed to always have a complete and utter love for gaming in all its forms.

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